Studio & Lighting Essentials

AUD $440.00
  • Duration: 6 Hours
  • Location: LEICHHARDT, NSW

The Workshop:

Join us for an exciting experience  of learning in a Professional Photographers studio. This is not a workshop where everything is set up for you! This  is a hands-on workshop and  a practical way to learn  and understand the fundamentals of studio lighting.  

Join Professional Industry photographers as they introduce you to creating an producing a still life product shot and working with a model. 

This 6 hour workshop will teach you from scratch how to set up the studio, what all the accessories do, all the basics to get you started and how to understand and control studio light sources.

Using professional flash units and accessories such as umbrellas, soft box, reflectors and cutters you will learn to create outstanding images of people and still life. You will learn the fundamentals of lighting setup which will improve your understanding of flash, how to control it and use it effectively. We use classic techniques with 1, 2 and 3 light setups. You will learn how, when and why to use reflectors, bounce boards, snoots, soft boxes and umbrellas. 

We will be practising on Still Life and a  model.

Studio lighting can be very complex depending on the creative outcome you are looking for. This workshop is designed to introduce you to the photographic studio and its basic equipment. It will be an enjoyable first step in creative photography using flash lighting and provide a thrilling insight into the workings of a professional studio. 

When you understand how to control light your photography will change, you will find new inspiration to create fantastic and dynamic images…

Workshop Format:

TUTORS: Professional Photographer (Sharon Hickey and Brent Wilson. Subject to group size.

CLASS SIZE: Minimum 3 / Maximum 8

DAY OF OPERATION: Selected Saturdays

TIME: 9.30am to 3.30pm (6 hours) Please arrive 15 minutes before the workshop commences to ensure we start on time. 

LOCATION: The Aperture Studio 55 - 57 Flood Street Leichhardt (Behind Boomalli Aboriginal Art Gallery) . Free parking in Market Town across the road and great local cafe's with great food.

Workshop Overview:

Studio Essentials is our first in a series of dedicated studio creative workshops. We will keep you in touch with our advanced workshops aimed to give you the latest and up to date information on studio lighting techniques for creative learning.

What to bring: 

Your Camera / tripod / assortment of lenses. 

Please wear closed in shoes that are comfortable.

Cafe is available across the road  for lunch and refreshments.

What you will cover:

  • Studio setup and equipment
  • Studio lighting principles
  • How to build your lighting kit
  • Studio high key & low key lighting techniques
  • How to set up a home studio
  • Building on light
  • Principles of 1, 2, and 3 light setups
  • Using your light meter
  • How to light backgrounds
  • How to light a person
  • How to direct your subject to get the right shot
  • Using different lighting shapers 
  • How to recreate the sun inside.
Whats included:

2 professional photographers - (over 5 participants)

1  model - and still Life setups.

Light refreshments

Tutorial notes

Terms and Conditions:

Please read our terms and conditions before booking your workshop.

Working with studio lighting opens up a world of creative thoughts and manifestation of ideas and processes. We would forward to assisting you on your photographic  journey.

The Aperture Club Team

Contact details:

Sharon Hickey: 0411 370 577