The Portrait Exposed, Sydney Photography Workshop

AUD $225.00
  • Duration: 5 Hours
  • Location: Glebe, NSW



In this workshop you’ll explore the fundamentals of portraiture and learn techniques to inspire your creativity. You’ll explore the variables of natural light and how to achieve a variety of styles and looks that suited to your subject.

A powerful portrait can challenge and enlighten. Whether you’re taking portraits of family and friends, for business or for exhibition, it’s important to understand the tools and qualities that make portraiture compelling and memorable.

We look at decision-making processes and the technical aspects of composition and lighting. We examine white balance and how use contrast to create mood and atmosphere. We explore bouncing and diffusing light in outdoor situations.

Working with a model is a great way to learn how to pose and communicate with your subject. We give you opportunities to gain confidence in directing and communicating your creative ideas. Mastering portraiture will enable you to capture that something special about your subject!


  • Portraiture and its various genres of specialities.
  • Equipment - what lenses work best for your specific shot ideas and what camera accessories to consider
  • Natural Light -understand the mechanics of light, how light falls and how to direct it in the most effective way on your subject.
  • Taking the controls - Looking at aperture and the importance of depth of field  and the dramatic effect it has on your final photograph. Looking at when to use shutter speeds and understanding the historgram.
  • Diffusing and bouncing light -master how to use reflectors and recognise best practice methods of diffusing light
  • Exposure how to shoot for highlight and shadow areas and how to exposure your image correctly
  • Directing your subject Learn about advanced creative composition and how to poise and communicate with your subject.
  • Location Decisions - Learn the importance of setting mood and creating atmosphere in your shot
  • Defining Ideas -how to work with a model and communicate your ideas through wardrop, hair and style


Tutors: A professional photographer and a
photographer's assistant (depending on group size)

Class size: Minimum four; maximum 10

Time: 8 am to 1 pm on selected Saturdays.

Please arrive 15 minutes before the workshop commences to ensure we start on time

Meeting point: . Caffeine Palace 33 Glebe Point Rd, Glebe. We will be shooting at Sydney University Campus.

What should I bring?

  • a digital SLR camera or compact camera with manual settings and a built-in flash
  • a cleaning cloth
  • at least one extra memory card
  • at least one set of spare batteries —make sure they’re fully charged
  • your camera manual
  • camera bag
  • water bottle and snacks
  • comfortable walking shoes 
  • sunscreen and hat
  • comfortable clothing; check the weather forecast!




Detailed Aperture Club course notes will be emailed to you on completion of each workshop.

Camera kits are available for $75 per workshop if you want to experiment using a professional DSLR camera. Kits include a camera, lens and other equipment (flash/tripod) appropriate to the particular tutorial. Kits are limited, so make sure you reserve one when you confirm your workshop. 

Workshops do not include drinks, meals/snacks, public transport or parking.



If it looks as if the weather will be unsuitable on the day, we’ll contact you early in the morning. In the event of cancellation, you can select an alternative workshop date. 


We look forward to meeting you soon. 

The Aperture Club Team —

Sharon Hickey: 0411 370 577